Outdoor Advertising: Interior Banners
Bus Benches
Exterior Wraps

Monroe Outdoor is an advertising company located in Monroe, Louisiana. We offer 3 avenues of advertising:
  • Interior Banners
  • Bus Benches
  • Exterior Wraps
Each avenue of advertising we provide gives your business/organization incredible exposure.  We look forward to advertising for you!

Interior Banners
Monroe Transit averages 4,000 TRIPS each day, Monday thru Saturday. Monroe Transit Buses run from 5:30am to 9:30pm. That translates to over 1.2 MILLION riders each year. The average passenger trip is over 18 MINUTES, giving potential customers ample time to read and absorb your Bus Banner Message. Dimensions Available: 11" x 60".

Interior Banner Examples:


Bus Benches  Click to View Locations
Monroe Outdoor offers exterior advertising options reaching over 96 percent of the populace of Monroe, Louisiana, as well as all traffic passing thru Monroe. Bus Sides and Bus Backs become colorful mobile billboards, conveying your message to potential customers. Splashing YOUR Message everywhere!

Bus Bench Examples:


Exterior Wraps
Bus Bench Advertising allows you to directly place your message in areas populated with potential customers. Bus Bench Advertising is truly the only "EYE-LEVEL" advertising available. Extremely affordable and effective. All wraps are laminated and installed in a climate controlled environment to insure the highest quality.

Exterior Wrap Available Options:



Exterior Wrap Examples


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